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CBC’s The Debaters – North Vancouver BC

Tuesday, February 7

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“Have fun” was the best comedy advice Lori Gibbs ever received, so naturally, she had it tattooed on her arm. She is known as the “human antidepressant” and brings warmth & laughs to all kinds of audiences.

In addition to a Comedy Now! national special, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Hubcap Comedy Festival, the Calgary Comedy Festival, the Edmonton Comedy Festival, CBCs Laugh Out Loud, SheDot Festival and being a regular on CBC’s The Debaters, Lori was nominated as Best Standup Comic at the Canadian Comedy Awards. She has more credits and they can be found on her Mom’s fridge.

Lori spent many years on morning radio in Calgary at X92.9, Up!97.7 and 95.9 CHFM. She also combines crafting and comedy and calls it Hot Glue Schtick and holds the regal honour of being the Fun Aunt at Camp Hoo-ha Calgary. She performs hilarious and inspirational comedy keynotes. In her spare time, she likes bragging about her two sons and being a purveyor of all things cozy.


I'm thinking of getting off Facebook and Twitter and all that and just signing up for a service that every 30 minutes texts me the phrase, "You're not alone."

-Pete Holmes

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